Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Jessica

What's  up,  friend?

I  noticed  that  you  were  a  little  upset  with  me.  Why?  Is  it  because  of  my  writing  style?  You  have  a  sister  named  Katelyn,  well  I  do  apologize  for  her  untimely  death,  but  I  do  insist  that  you  have  me  mistaken  for  someone  else.  I  do  not  know  you  at  all.  I  appreciate  you  reading  my  blog,  even  if  it  was  a  negative  reaction.  You  are  very  entertaining  Jessica!  Entertaining  indeed.

Ariona  Taylor
No  Judgement  Zone!!!


Ariona turned out said...

Bitch you know who I am! Remember back when you and your mama was living in the projects and we hung out at the trap. Don't make me write that story bitch!

Anonymous said...

whooooa i'm confused. is this a real person?

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