Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Ain't Never Had Sex Like That!

       The summer would began in a month. There was really nothing to do in the small hick town where I lived. The only entertainment was Wheel In, a local skating rink that every kid in high school went to. All of the popular seniors usually hung out in the back by the concession stand, where they would mix liquor in fruity beverages. Although  security was present, no one ever said anything to the football players, especially Hosea and his crew. Hosea Mendez, was a Hispanic kid from Florida that moved to N.C after his father died from friendly fire in the military. Hosea and his mom lived with her sister in a sub division community called Landfall Palace. Sounds rich, huh? I had never talked to Hosea in the two years he attended Hugher High. To me, he seemed superficial and conceited. Anyway, he was always surrounded by Paris Cotlan, (cheerleader), and the stuck up crew, (Paris' friends).

       Near the end of the school year, I had bumped into Hosea tying his shoe by his locker in the hall. My  petite arms were filled with papers and books, since I constantly  forgot my bookbag.
      "Sorry Hosea. I didn't see you." Scared and intrigued at the same time, I began to walk away when he stopped me.
      "Don't I know you?" Gently tossing his football up and down. The word around school was that Hosea would play college ball and without a doubt make it to the pros.
      "We have Spanish together." Then it dawned on me. "Why are you taking Spanish?"
       "Well, believe it or not, I can't speak Spanish." Awwwkwaaaard! As he chuckled softly, I noticed Hosea had the straightest white teeth I had ever seen. He was built like a pro athlete and whatever he bathed in, I wanted to use some.
      "Oh. Well, I have to get home. Hasta manana." Hosea just stared at me. It took everything in me not to laugh in his face. "See you tomorrow!"
     "Oh, yeah, right. See ya!" Walking away slowly, Hosea looked back and smiled. My legs felt numb.

        On the last day of school,  all the seniors went to Wheel In. After everyone danced and got drunk, there was a slow dance invite for the couple most likely to get married in the future. When Jagged Edge's "Promise" blasted over the huge speakers, the crowd immediately turned to Hosea and his stuck up girlfriend Paris. Even though they had only been together since junior year, Hosea ignored rumors surfacing was that she was a whore, but because she had long hair, with an almost white complexion, hazel eyes , high maintenance, and thin as a twig. She was a future football player's trophy wife. But before Hosea could tear up the dance floor with his short term sweetheart, Paris grabbed one of his teammate's hands and hit the dance floor, switching her bony hips. With that, Hosea punched his teammate in the face, causing him to fall, breaking his leg. Within minutes, police arrived and arrested Hosea.

     A month later, I saw Hosea on the back of a garbage truck. When he empty my trashcan, I ran to greet him. After a brief conversation, Hosea told me he would call me when he got off work. For the rest of that day, my heart jumped whenever I heard the roaring sound of a truck. Just as he said, Hosea called me and I invited him over. We laid in my bed cuddled up under the cozy blankets as Hosea poured his heart out to me. I knew it was because he had his heart broken and he was vulnerable, and so was I. Hosea took off his shirt showing off his football player physique. My heart crept into my throat when Hosea revealed the bulge in his pants. Kissing, licking, rubbing, Hosea explored me like a new football. Skin against skin, we were sexually wrestling all over my room. This was the first time I had multiple orgasms. Hosea was happy that he had pleased me so well.
   "You like that? Now I'm really gonna give it to you." Hosea picked me up, putting me against the bare wall. Then all of a sudden something cracked! I could feel a heaviness in my vagina. Hosea pulled out what appeared to be, a dildo?! It was attached to him. I freaked out when the big black dick that had me screaming to the heavens fell to the floor!
     "Oh my gosh! You're a woman!"


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