Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Time!

    Videos,  magazines,  bathroom  stall  tales  before  each  class  that  every  girl  shared  about  her  perfect  first  time.  I  envied  them.  They  had  received  jewelry  and  clothing  from the  guys  they  slept  with.  I  was  too  scared  to  make  that  decision.  After  all,  I  was  only  eleven!  All  of  the  girls  teased  me  about  losing  my  virginity.  They  would  have  boys  meet  me  in  a  vacant  part  of  the  school,  due  to  construction.  I  ran  away  both  times.  Sadly,  having  your  cherry  popped  was  more  important  than  getting  an  education.  Before  graduation  to  the  seventh  grade, I  met  a  boy  from  PE  class  named  Harry  Layton.  He  was  Caucasian  with  shoulder  length  dark  brown  hair.  Harry  never  participated  in  PE  because  of  a  health  issue. No  one  but  the  teacher  knew  what  his  issue  was.  I  thought  it  was  because  he  was  so  skinny  and  was  afraid  of  getting  hurt.

After  being  taunted  for  weeks  by  our  fellow  peers  about  sex,  they  eventually  barricaded  Harry  and  me  in  one  of  the  girl's  bathroom  stall.  There  was  a  bet  that  Harry  or  I  would  back  out  first.  We  stood  in  the closed  stall  for  twenty  minutes  just  looking  at  each  other.  Poor  Harry  shook  like  a  leaf.  His  palms  were  sweaty  and  his  face  was  pale.  Harry's  rapid  breathing  increased  by  the  second.  I  banged  on  the  door  for  them  to  let  us  out.  All  I  heard  was  screaming  as  a  few  of  the  students  had  won  the  bet.  Just  then  the  door  opened  and  a  big  black  girl  with  a  bad  perm  pulled  Harry  and  me  out  and  threw  us  on  the  floor.  We  both  fought  as  our  clothes  were  being  ripped  off.  Once  they  tried  to  put  Harry's  erect  penis  inside  of  me,  he  froze  like  a  freeze  pop  and  turned  blue.

Screaming,  I  grabbed  my  clothes  and  ran  out  of  the  bathroom  all  the  way  home.  That  night  on  the news  the  story  ran  about  what  happened.
    "Today  at  Veld  elementary  school,  a ten  year  old  boy  was  found  dead  in  the  girl's  bathroom.  His clothes  were  removed  and  it  seems  he  had  suffered  a  heart  attack."  My  mouth  dropped  open.
    "Witnesses  heard  loud  screaming  and  cheering  from  inside  the  bathroom."  Next,  the  reporter  addressed  another  aspect  of  the  case.
    "Police  are  now  looking  for  who  the  eye  witnesses,  other  students,  say  was  behind  the  entire  assault,  Ariona  Taylor."


Styles said...

Its a crazy world we live in, what do kids aged 10/11 knows about getting their cherry popped?

Anonymous said...

I have to ask are these stories true? They definitely keeps my attention!

Jessica you know me bitch said...

Ariona's a whore that's why she was in the bathroom with that dude.

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