Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Mama, My Mama!

    There are a lot of relationships that co-exists, one being that of a mother and child. My mama was a great woman, with the exception of having a drug habit , sleeping with everybody, not cooking and a lot of other things she did to irritate me. Sometimes when she wasn't passed out on the floor, Mama spent quality time with me by taking me on long walks downtown. I enjoyed the walks. It gave me a chance to see Mama in a new light. The way she cussed out broke men that wanted to sleep with her and fought women twice her size for using her all her drugs. Once I remember my Auntie Winnie and Mama having a fist fight over some money that came up missing from a barbecue Aunt Winnie had. Mama had went to use the bathroom, which was right next to Auntie Winnie's bedroom. According to Auntie Winnie, Mama had stolen a hundred dollar bill off of her dresser.
    "I know where I keep my money heifer!" Staggering across the yard carrying her beloved beer, Winnie stood in Mama's face yelling like a mad woman. Mama took a few quick puffs of her cigarette and stood up to confront Winnie.
   "Bitch I fucks for my money!" Mama swung and hit Winnie so hard, she spun around and fell on the grill. Mama did a lot of things, but I never known her to steal. Although, I had known her to lie. Anyway, they had not spoken since.

     On March 12, Helena, Mama's younger sister, had given Mama a check from filing me on her taxes. I believe it was $2500. Since I was sixteen, I thought I would be able to go shopping and buy myself a few pieces of clothing. Mama on the other hand had additional plans. That night Mama had thrown a party. She had brought liquor, heroin, and porn to flip what money she had left with a pimp she met. Mama was pretty, but she had more miles on her body than a 1937 Ford still driven today! Chad was damn near white with green eyes. His hair was greasy and his fingernails were as long as cat claws. I sat on the arm of the torn recliner watching cartoons on our small television that Mama found on a junk pile. Chad opened a tiny vile with a black top and gave Mama some. Her head fell back and she was bobbing on Chad's penis within seconds. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I knew what Mama did, but never had seen it. I ran into my bedroom when Chad looked at me.
     "You're next!"

      After the party, I came home from the park. The way Chad stared at me made me uncomfortable. Climbing back in through the bedroom window, I noticed that the house was more of a wreck than usual. Glass was spread all over the floor, people were still sleeping on the floor and chair. I searched for Mama, but she was nowhere to be found. The front door was wide open. As soon as I turned around, there was a punch to my face. When I looked up I saw Chad unzipping his pants.
    "I told you, you were next." Trying to run back into my bedroom, I tripped over some one's feet.
    "Mama! Mama!" Chad grabbed me and shoved me to the floor.
    "She may be your Mama, but I'm your daddy right now." I knew she was awake! She saw him! She saw the entire thing!

      Once Chad was finished with me, I ran out to a neighbor's house and called the police. They came over and dumb ass Chad was still there. Mama was smoking a cigarette on the porch. The officer asked if someone had witnessed the rape. I cried at the top of my lungs.
     "My Mama! My Mama!" The officer walked over to my Mama and asked her if she witnessed my assault, she flicked the ashes from her cigarette on the ground.
     "That child lie all the time. I don't where she get it from." What the fuck?

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