Friday, December 3, 2010

Catch The Fallen Raindrops

  Catch these falling raindrops pounding me on my head
  Left outside withering like an unkempt flower
  Shaking my soul away from the cold hearted humans
  Don't touch me either; Your hands are freezing!

  Just cup your unforgiving hands over my head
 Catch these damn raindrops
  I'm soak and wet with anger, remorse, and frustration
   I know you don't care about me
  Clearly obvious you don't love me
  But even enemies of war show respect

  We are at battle for our lives
  Some of us won't win; Some of us are too weak
  But for the strong soldiers; Cup your hands
  Cup your hateful hands over the wet head of your enemy

 Catch the raindrops of despair, rape, murder, abandonment
  For every raindrop you catch is recycled by Karma
  Into love, honor, comfort, trust

Do it now; catch these burden of raindrops falling on my head
Do it now; Do it now and save me!

1 comment:

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