Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Praying To God For A Man

       I'm praying to God for a man
       I'd treat him right
       Have his newspaper ready
       And a big plate of food with everything he likes

     I'm praying to God for a man
     I wouldn't nag him about silly stuff
     I'd deal with it like a woman should
     I'm just that tough

       If God gave me that man right now!
       I'd run to the alter
       With my pure white, okay off white, slightly blue
       Wedding dress; With everything I had to offer

        Been on my knees all morning
        Telling God all I'll do for a man
       Wishing and praying
        Praying and wishing
       Asking why, cause I didn't understand

        Once I shut up
        God spoke to me
       He said, "First of all, you talk too much and don't listen."
        "You'll do all this for an earthly man, but Me, you pay no attention."
        "You start your day at noon; And a bath you don't mention."
         "And my dear child, when you gon' clean your kitchen!"

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